Why You Need a Bankruptcy Attorney Waukesha WI for Your Bankruptcy Case

by | Jan 9, 2014 | Legal Services

Managing finances can be hard even for the most financially responsible individuals. Unpredictable circumstances can occur that can deplete a persons savings, such as loss of employment, a medical condition, a natural disaster, or just juggling expenses trying to keep up with living in a world that keeps getting more expensive to manage. However, there is a level of financial debt that will require filing bankruptcy as the most viable solution. Although many people dread going this route on their road to find financial freedom, for many it is the best way for them to handle their financial situations without going completely under. People often ignore, or fail to realize that bankruptcy is a legal process designed to help people, not to make them feel bad about filing. When a person in financial debt that has become unmanageable decides to explore bankruptcy as an option, he or she will need a Bankruptcy Attorney Services Waukesha WI for help from an expert to file a case.

Hiring an attorney for a bankruptcy case is essential for a favorable outcome. There are two options available for bankruptcy, and another option that is not a bankruptcy filing, but a repayment plan. Clients must understand each type of bankruptcy and their differences to make the best decision for their circumstances, and a Bankruptcy Attorney Waukesha WI can give them the best advice. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is personal bankruptcy that discharges a debtors unsecured debts. In many cases, debtors are able to keep their homes, vehicles, and other belongings, but they must qualify to file, and chapter 13 bankruptcy is a wage earners bankruptcy that gives debtors three to five years to pay their debts on a monthly basis.

Another alternative solution to filing bankruptcy is chapter 128. This is not bankruptcy, but it is a repayment plan that allows debtors to pay back their debts within a 36 month period. This repayment method halts interest and penalties immediately, and wage garnishments as well. Clients who need a bankruptcy attorney can rely on Horizons Law Group to assist them with choosing the right bankruptcy case to file, and they will ensure their clients are well advised on all proceedings. Filing a bankruptcy case with Horizons Law Group will give clients the support they need during the bankruptcy process, and will help them begin to repair their finances for a more stable financial future to look forward to.

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