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by | Jan 9, 2014 | Pest Control

Having unwanted guests in your St. Paul home can be more trouble than it’s really worth. Unfortunately, the only pest removal services that you can hire will deal with the pests of an insect or furry nature, and not those pesky neighbors that like to bother you every weekend to borrow things. While many homes have fences around the property to ward off unwanted guests, animals don’t really know the different between a fence and a wall, or that they are for privacy to keep them out. They just see them as an obstacle between them and a potential food source. Animals like raccoons, opossum, rats, and other small creatures that scavenge food for a living, will see it as an obstacle and find any way inside that they can. Some will dig under the fence or wall, while others will simply chew through them to gain entry. Either way they go, they will end up in your home and make every attempt to make it their’s.

When it comes to safely removing these animals from your home, the best route to take is through the use of professional Animal Removal in St. Paul. Professional pest control services have the right tools, training, and most of all the right knowledge when it comes to the various animals that can try to take up residence in your home. They can place traps to catch the animal safely, where they won’t affect any pets you may have or small children. Once the animal is safely trapped, they can then release it into the wild without hurting the animal. Some animals are beyond the point of safely trapping and removing, but a professional pest control service will normally do whatever they can do remove an animal safely without harm or injury to the homeowners or the animal itself.

Many pest control services that offer Animal Removal in St. Paul also offer insect removal as well. Pests like termites, spiders, bedbugs, roaches, ants, bees, and other insects can be not only hard to deal with for a homeowner, but also dangerous in some cases. Spiders can bite family members or family pets, requiring medical attention. On the other hand, termites can destroy homes and make them unstable to live in. Pests like bed bugs can just be an irritation, while pests like roaches and ants can cause sickness and lead to other problems when they infest a home.

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