Why Hire a Driving License Reinstatement Lawyer for Chicago Petition

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Lawyer

Driver’s license suspension will affect your Chicago life because you cannot drive around to your activities. It is even worse if driving is your career. Luckily, you can petition for driver’s license reinstatement in Chicago. It would be best to hire a law firm specializing in license reinstatement petitions for the following reasons.

Assistance With Filing a Petition

Complex procedures and rules govern license reinstatement petitions. You start by filing a petition before a hearing. Fling a petition requires numerous documents, including those verifying your sobriety from alcohol and drugs. A lawyer will gather all the essential documents to save you from the tragedy of petition denial for lacking all the necessary documents and the long wait for another request. Experienced law firm prepared all the paperwork to ensure your petition goes through the first time.

Presentation of a Strong Case

You can lose driving privileges for an extended period if your petition does not reach the required standard of proof. Lawyers specializing in license restoration have much experience after representing thousands of clients. They know the proof necessary to build a petition that withstands hearing requirements. They anticipate likely questions by hearing officers and ensure that your statements do not contain anything they can use against you. A law firm specializing in driver’s license reinstatement in Chicago will also prepare you for the hearing. A license suspension lawyer will customize your petition for direct appeal to the hearing officers.

Call for More Details

Johnson & Goldrich P.C. law firm focuses on assisting people in regaining their driving privileges. Lawyers in the firm have over 25 years of experience representing petitioners seeking license reinstatement. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with experts.

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