Finding a Good Veterinarian for Cats and Dogs Near Bridgeport

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Animal Hospital

Some of us have had the privilege of living with a cat or a dog. Indeed, a dog can be more than a friend. It can become a family member. But sometimes, we can forget that our pets can also be fragile. How could we know if our cat or dog is suffering from asthma or a serious virus? Consider a vet near Bridgeport.

A Holistic Approach that Can Make a Difference

If you take your pet to the Vet in Bridgeport, the veterinarian will take a holistic approach. The Vet in Bridgeport, while she is known for her knowledge in internal medicine, also has a background in holistic medicine. Nonetheless, the veterinarian would want to know about your pet’s background and history. Often, a pet’s diet can be overlooked. And it is not rare for a dog, for instance, to develop an allergic reaction to a given food. She would also request a fecal sample in order to detect possible parasites. Heartworm medication could also be provided if necessary.

Compassion and Efficiency

Unfortunately, animals are good at hiding their pain. This is why an animal may just become more inactive when suffering. Animals that show vulnerability in the wild do not fare well. However, a cat, for instance, in pain may even become more aggressive. But the good news is that there are non-invasive procedures that are not uncomfortable. Not only that, but the Vet in Bridgeport has an in-house laboratory. So, you do not need to go to another location for laboratory services. If you want to learn more, contact Urban PetRX at the earliest.

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