When to Get Electric Repair Service in Charlotte, NC

by | Jan 23, 2014 | Electrical

Next to being secure that you have a home is the knowledge that you have the electricity in the home to maintain your comforts and conveniences. When you lose electrical power for whatever reason, a storm, someone hitting a utility pole or you start having electrical issues in your home or business, it becomes necessary to get someone out to repair it quickly. Gowdy Electric of North Carolina does Electric Repair Service in Charlotte, North Carolina. They want to tell you about some electrical issues in which you would quickly need to get the assistance of an electrician.

1. Flickering lights are usually an indication of a grid problem, perhaps a downed power line or some other issue in the system. However, sometimes they flicker because of faulty fixtures or poor wiring connection. A trained electrician should be called in to troubleshoot this problem.

2. Circuit breakers that trip frequently are due to overloads on a particular breaker. Your breaker board will need to be upgraded or troubleshooting will need to be done for further observations.

3. When a receptacle gets warm when in use, you may have a problem with faulty wiring or a bad receptacle. It is imperative to get this checked out immediately, as failure to do so could result in a house fire, or building fire.

4. Another problem that would need to be addressed readily is when a GFCI fails to reset. A GFCI is a ground fault circuit interrupter and without it being in place, you no longer have a safety measure to shut the electrical power down in that receptacle.

Gowdy Electric will ensure to troubleshoot your electrical problems and maintain reliable electricity for your business or residence. They serve clients with residential, industrial and commercial services all over Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. They offer over 50 years of experience combined of the various electricians on their team. They do landscape lighting, residential and commercial lighting, and pool and hot tub lighting. From electrical repair to lighting to backup generators, Gowdy Electric is available to serve you. Contact them for Electric Repair Service in Charlotte, North Carolina at their location or visit their website, http://gowdyelectric.com/.


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