A Quick Look at C13 to C14 PDU Cords

by | Jan 23, 2014 | Electronics and Electrical

To appreciate the versatility of these cords, it is first important to understand what a PDU cord is. Simply stated, a PDU cord is a cord that can normally be seen to plug into the back of a personal computer (there are also other uses, but this is the most familiar option). They are shaped differently than a traditional electrical cord and they are more robust in nature; thus helping to prevent accidental unplugging during the operation of a computer or other accessory. Still, accidents can and do happen. Should a cord become unplugged, valuable data can be lost and critical processes could potentially be jeopardized. This is one of the reasons that C13 to C14 PDU cords are often times seen as a “cut above the rest”. So, let us briefly look at what allows this type of power supply to be different and the reasons why such options are frequently preferred over traditional cords.

A Locking Mechanism

One of the defining characteristics of these cords is a unique locking feature that they offer. Besides having the traditional three-prong female configuration, there is another mechanism that rests above the holes that will allow the entire unit to lock firmly into place. As mentioned previously, this minimizes the chances that the cord will become accidentally unplugged. Furthermore, there is a quick release button on top of the plug. This will allow the user to quickly remove the cord when not in use.

No Adaptation

Another benefit of C13 to C14 PDU cords is that due to their very design, there is no need to adapt the male receptacle for these cords to become fully functional. From a logistics standpoint, this is quite a powerful benefit, for larger corporations may make use of literally dozens of such cords at any given time.

Notwithstanding this benefit, these cords will frequently be offered in a variety of lengths and colors. Choices such as back, white and blue are the most common. Therefore, each cord can be visually assigned to a specific unit or computer. This will obviously help avoid any confusion while simultaneously providing a highly visible safety feature in environments that are known to be highly trafficked. These are some of the main benefits and functional features that such unique cords will offer the user. There are a number of options currently available through Internet supply portals.

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