What Types of Veteran Funeral Services Are Available in Woodland, CA?

by | Jan 10, 2014 | Cremation

At a typical funeral, friends and family gather to honor a person who recently passed away. The same holds true for those who are military veterans, but special honors are available to eligible veterans who served in the nation’s military if the family of the deceased requests it or if the veteran requested it before passing away.

Military Funeral Honors exist as a way for the military to show respect for those who served by defending the country. The basic veteran services in Woodland CA consist of a flag folding, the playing of “Taps”, and the flag presentation. The flag that is placed over the closed casket will be provided by the military. Your funeral director can help you with the proper forms to do so. After the playing of “Taps”, the flag is folded using military protocol and then presented to the immediate family.

Some of the other services that can be provided if the military personnel are available are pallbearers, rifle detail and a military flyover.In addition to military funeral honors, it will still need to be decided what type of funeral to have. Whether you choose cremation or a standard burial, there are many options that can make the service a moving tribute. Ask your funeral director about what Veteran services in Woodland, CA are available.

If a military burial is the preferred choice, your funeral director can help you with all of the necessary forms and documents. They can also provide you with specialized merchandise, such as a customized casket from the branch in which the veteran served or a guest register made from genuine military cloth.

Cremation is an option that many people prefer, both civilians and veterans alike. You can still have an open casket ceremony if desired, and create memorial folders for those who attend. Another thing you might want to ask your funeral director about is a flag retirement program where unusable flags are draped over the deceased and cremated with them. This can be a lovely way to incorporate the flag into the process when a viewing is not part of the funeral.

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