The Details Required when Planning a Funeral

by | Dec 12, 2013 | Cremation

Planning a funeral is a difficult task. You are still in the grips of your grief and are faced with endless decisions. It is often advised that families discuss funeral plans with each other so that when the time comes the decisions will be that much easier. In fact many families are opting for advanced planning for funerals so loved ones are not faced with planning alone. Whether you opt for a pre-planned funeral or are looking at planning a funeral following the death of a loved one, you will want to consider the same options and choices.

The Ceremony

For most families there are two ceremonies from which to choose: cremation or burial. This is a very personal choice and that is why it is often good to have discussions about these matters while family members are still together. You need to decide if you go with a burial if you want to have a viewing and also who is best suited for pall bearers. For a cremation you have a choice between a funeral or a memorial service. In fact, many families are opting for a more modern choice such as a quiet burial with a more open memorial held at a later date. Viewings are also becoming less popular and instead a photo or photos celebrating the person’s life are shared.

Location of the Ceremony

Traditional funerals are either held at a religious location or within the funeral home. Cremations offer many more options and can be held any where from a person’s home to a lovely outdoor location with lovely views or special memories. Again having discussed some details with family members while still alive will allow you to meet your loved one’s wishes.

Mortuary Assistance

You will find that the mortuaries in San Diego California families deal with are very helpful in assisting you with the decisions that have to be made. They understand the pain you are going through and can help provide you with options to make your decisions as painless as possible. They will discuss your needs and can often assist with everything from writing obituaries to arranging for veteran’s benefits or social security. They will also make arrangements for the death certificates, flowers and music if required.

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