What Services Does the Family Dentist in Louisville Offer?

by | Jan 27, 2014 | Dentist

Knowing what services your dentist offers can help you to know when you should make an appointment for these services. Many dental offices these days are offering a wide array of different types of dental services so they can help more patients to achieve optimum dental health and improve or restore their smiles. To understand what you can expect when seeing the Family Dentist Louisville, this information is provided.

Dental Services Offered By the Family Dentist Louisville

1. Preventative care — These services are provided to help keep your teeth and gums healthy. They include teeth cleaning, X-rays, examinations and dental health screenings. Most dental experts state people should have these services carried out on their teeth and gums at least twice a year. If you are prone to certain dental concerns, you may need to be seen as often as four times a year. Your dentist will be able to give you information on how often you should be seen.

2. Cosmetic services — For those who have cosmetic dental issues, it can be embarrassing to smile, eat and talk in front of others. Cosmetic dental procedures can help with teeth staining, malformations, injuries, gaps and missing teeth. There are many ways the dentist can restore your smile and give you greater confidence. Through a consultation appointment, you can learn about these procedures and how they can benefit your smile.

3. Sedation dentistry — Many people are nervous about going to the dentist and experience high levels of anxiety. This is often due to them having a bad dental experience in the past. Sedation dentistry uses medications and anesthetics to help patients relax or put them to sleep, if they need to have extensive dental work done. This allows people to overcome their anxiety so they can get the dental care they need.

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