How Do You Pay Your Long Island, NY Accident Attorney?

by | Jan 27, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Hiring a Long Island, NY Accident Attorney is a key step is the process of making sure that the victim of a car accident is able to receive financial compensation for any injuries or damages caused by the accident. Without the help of an accident attorney a lot of victims end up with little to no compensation. The unfortunate truth is that a lot of people never even think about hiring a Long Island, NY Accident Attorney because they assume they could never pay for it. This assumption is very misguided because paying an accident attorney is far less difficult than most people think it is.

When you hire a law firm such as Siler and Ingber for your personal injury claim, you should keep in mind that the vast majority of all personal injury lawyers do not require any money up front. This is called working on a contingency basis. The lawyer you work for might refer to it as a no win, no fee agreement. Basically, a lawyer who works on a contingency basis means that you do not have to pay that lawyer unless they actually win your case. When you win your case, the lawyer will just take a percentage of your compensation as their payment. This means that in addition to getting compensation for the accident, you never actually have to pay the lawyer out of your own pocket.

It is important to keep in mind that the fact that most car accident lawyers work on a contingency basis means that they are not just going to take on every client that calls them. This is a lawyer that is going to want to sit down with you and evaluate your case. They are going to determine the chances of actually winning your case. No lawyer wants to work for free, so if you do not have a winnable case they might not take you on as a client. If you were to find yourself in that situation, it does not mean you cannot pursue your claim, it just means you might have to pay a little money up front to get the attention of a personal injury lawyer.

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