What Can You Achieve with a Family Lawyer in Frederick?

In Maryland, family laws pertain to a wide assortment of cases. Most cases that involve the rights of family members are managed under the laws. These include divorce, child custody, child support, and guardianships. A family lawyer in Frederick offers legal counsel for family members that need help.

Managing Divorce Cases

Attorneys help couples who meet the separation requirements file for a divorce. The cases involve the separation of the couple’s lives and assign child custody. The marital estate is divided according to state laws and includes all assets accumulated throughout the marriage.

Settling Child Custody or Support Cases

Couples establish child custody and support arrangements in divorce cases initially. However, conditions warrant the need for changes if a risk is present. Some parents also seek changes when they want more parenting time or when a child is too old for child support payments. The attorneys help parents settle the cases and ensure the child’s basic needs are met.

Establishing a Legal Guardianship

Legal guardianship is established for a minor when the child is too young to take care of themselves. The cases are started when there is a disagreement about a guardianship assignment in the parent’s will, too. The assignment gives the guardian the right to make decisions for the child and manage any financial assets the child has. Guardianship is also established when a biological parent poses a risk to the child.

Becoming the Guardian of a Disabled Adult

Family members petition the court to become the guardian of a disabled adult. Under the circumstances, the adult is unable to take care of themselves or has a diminished capacity. The guardian manages the assets of the adult and must follow stipulations that are in place to prevent the guardian from selling the individual’s assets or using them for financial gains.

In Maryland, family law encompasses several circumstances that require court intervention. Divorce and child custody cases are the most predominant cases managed under family law. Guardianships are offered for minors and disabled adults. Families that need to discuss a case with a family lawyer in Frederick can visit us for further details now.

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