Post-Divorce Visitation Dallas

by | Nov 27, 2013 | Family Law Attorney

When children are involved in a divorce the issues are never easy. In addition to the arguments over custody and child support payments, the issue of visitation usually becomes a problem. Of course, setting child visitation rights when the divorce is finalized is the first step toward ensuring that the non-custodial parent can see their children on some regular basis. However, when the acrimony of the divorce carries over into the post divorce period, the first tactic deployed by the custodial parent is to deny visitation rights. This is a cruel attempt on the part of the custodial parent to continue fighting the divorce battle.

Children should not be used as pawns in a sick game of “I’ll show you.” Using children as a control method is a selfish act on the part of a parent who is either not smart enough or skillful enough to settle their ongoing battle without using the children. It is amazing to think that parents do not realize the damage they are doing to their children.

Child psychologists everywhere will tell the parent who denies visitation Dallas for the non-custodial parent that irreparable harm is being done to the child. They will emphatically state that the child will do poorly in school, could become a discipline problem, develop illnesses of unknown causes, and withdraw from friends and life. The results of these consequences are apt to be an impact on the child’s life forever. It is simple to understand; it may not take two parents to make a marriage, but it surely takes two parents to successfully raise a child.

Sadly, issues over visitation also carry issues of character assassination against the other parent. Often, the custodial parent uses some vile language in describing the reasons for denying visitation. This is the most disastrous action that a parent can undertake against the other parent. DR. Hohn C. Fields, the British expert in child abuse says that denying visitation is the most offensive action, other than physical cruelty, that a parent can take. Do custodial parents view themselves as no better than a common criminal? They probably do not think that far ahead; in fact, it seems they just don’t think. No one is thinking about the children and the effect this denial and battle will have on them. Attorney Jean C. Lee can discuss Visitation Dallas and what it means.


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