Ways To Prevent An Emergency Dentist Pocono Visit

by | Nov 1, 2013 | Dentist

When you experience an emergency involving your gums or teeth, it is important to have the proper knowledge to get through it. The best way to prevent dental emergencies is by regularly visiting your dentist for preventive care. If there is a wait involved in seeing your dentist after a dental emergency, then you should take over the counter pain medications until you can see a dental professional. The following are few ways you can reduce or minimize your visits to an Emergency Dentist Pocono.

Mouth Guards

If you or your children participate frequently in sports or other physical contact activities, a mouth guard is recommended. If you only dabble in contact sports, you can buy your mouth guard at any sporting goods store. For people who regularly participate in contact sports, a custom fitted mouthpiece will offer far more protection for your teeth and gums. You can contact your dentist for an appointment to get your teeth molded for your custom mouthpiece. A mouth guard will be the best way for athletes to avoid trips to the Emergency Dentist Pocono for broken teeth or injured gums.

Act Quickly

If you are in a situation where you get a tooth knocked out, you should act quickly to possibly save the tooth. When picking up the tooth, try not to touch the root due to the damage that it can cause. After picking up the tooth, you should get a glass of milk to soak the tooth in; this will keep the root of the tooth well hydrated until you can get to the dentist. If you are unable to get milk for your tooth, simply place the tooth in the socket in order to hydrate it with your saliva. You should go to an emergency room if you are unable to immediately see your dentist.

If you find yourself in an emergency dental situation, you should seek the care of Bartonsville Family Dental. They offer a wide array of dental services and are more than capable of helping you in your time of need. Call them or visit their website at bartonsvillefamilydental.com for more information.

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