Using a Jewelry Store in St. Louis for a Cash Loan

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In tough economic times you may start looking for ways to get quick cash to pay bills or just to survive on for a while. Getting a cash loan on your jewelry is great way to get some cash and have the guarantee that you can get the jewelry back after you pay the loan off. Being able to get a family heirloom or a piece with sentimental value is one of the major reasons why most people use this technique to acquire money. The following are few benefits of using a Jewelry Store in St. Louis for a cash loan.

How it Works

When looking to receive a cash loan on your jewelry you will need to get the piece appraised so you know the amount of money you should expect to get. If you are using a Jewelry Store in St. Louis they should have an in house appraiser that can assist you in this task. After you negotiate a price with the jeweler, your item will be placed in a secure location until you pay the loan off in full. The terms of the loan are generally quite simple and if you use a reputable jeweler, they will have lower interest rates. The cash you borrow is received immediately, so you can handle the business you need to in a timely manner.

Things to Remember

The most important factor of this loan process is finding a reputable and trustworthy jeweler to handle your cash loan needs. A good jeweler will keep the loan confidential and will be able to give you a fair price for you items. You should be sure that the interest rate you receive is comparable to other lenders around your area. Lower interest will allow you to pay the loan off faster and get your jewelry back in a timely manner.

If you find yourself in need of a cash loan and want to use your jewelry as collateral, call the professionals at Sam Light Loan Company. They have been in business for over 80 years and have the experience to get you the money you need at a low interest rate. Call them or visit their website at for more information on how they can help you.

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