Trust Your Pet to Hayfield Animal Hospital in Alexandria, Virginia

Our expert team of veterinarians is highly trained at treating your furry friend through the administration of skilled care. Whether it is a minor issue like fleas, or something more severe like a surgery, our vets are up for the task. Here are several services to fit your pet with a lifetime of health.

Dental Care

Dogs do not brush their teeth. While giving your dog a rawhide bone can reduce the chance of infections and decay, it still does not reduce it enough to prevent dental issues. Our dentist can provide specialty care, ranging from polish and fluoride rinses to teeth removal services.

Trusted Pet Care Surgical Procedures in Alexandria, VA

Dogs and cats can get sick and need surgery, just like humans. Our vets are skilled surgeons that know how to fix a pet’s internal illness. In the case of trauma, emergency surgery can be provided for your pet, as we treat them as a top priority.

Cold Laser Surgery

While dogs are often stoic, they can be in pain just like humans. It is typical for vets to put a dog on pain medication, but cold laser surgery may actually be more effective at keeping your furry friend feeling peppy and pain free.

Multiple Pet Care Services in Alexandria, VA

Our clinic offers many other types of pet care services in Alexandria, VA that are intended to increase the longevity of your pet’s life, and make it easier for you to take care of them. Business Name also offer boarding and grooming services.

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