There Are Many Advantages of Having Tile Roofs in Pompano Beach

by | Nov 28, 2013 | Roofing

Many times, one’s house is the biggest investment they will have throughout their lifetime. It is important to support and protect one’s house by investing in sturdy, durable, and proper roofing. Investing in proper roofing can save one thousands in repairs throughout the years, and while there are many different types of roofing available, investing in tile roofing has many advantages.

One advantage of Tile Roofs in Pompano Beach is the economical factor. One may have to invest a little more initially to obtain tile roofing, but in the end, they will save money because one does not need as much routine maintenance as required by roofing made from asphalt, shingles, or wood. Tile roofing lasts roughly two to three times longer than roofing made from other materials. One can even increase the durability of the tiles by choosing what material the tiles are made of. Choosing to have the tiles made from concrete can increase the roof’s lifespan an additional ten to twenty years. Roofs made of shingles or wood are designed to last approximately fifteen to twenty years while Tile Roofs in Pompano Beach regularly exceed thirty plus years.

Low maintenance is another advantage of having tile roofing. Tile roofs come in a variety of colors including vivid accent colors, earth tones, and even white, which reflects the heat of the summertime and reduces one’s cooling bills. Tile colors can be made to specify the wants of the customer, and most tiles are made of permanent coloring. Permanent coloring is achieved by adding pigment to raw materials when the tiles are being made and applying dense color glazes over the finished tiles. Permanent coloring is a huge convenience because one does not have to worry about the aesthetics of their home fading over the years.

Also, Tile Roofs are non-combustible, which gives the building a class A rating and makes one eligible for the lowest fire insurance rate available. The building structure of one’s house does not need to be enforced to have a tile roof. This entire list of factors attributes to the overall factor of one’s building being low maintenance. For more information on tile roofing, visit

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