4 Smart Ways to Save Money on Air Conditioning Repairs In Gilbert

by | Nov 28, 2013 | Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a must-have in Gilbert, but the rising cost of repair and replacement parts can shock many homeowners. Luckily, there are some simple tactics you can take to slash your spending on Air Conditioning Repairs In Gilbert. Keep reading for some handy tips on keeping repair costs down, and be sure to contact the professionals at Tscair.com for fast air conditioning repair and replacement at an affordable price.

Don’t Ignore Problems

Many homeowners are tempted to ignore seemingly benign warning signs like an odd noise coming from their condenser or a unit that isn’t working quite as well as it did last season. According to experts, this can be a costly mistake. Small problems are likely to get worse if they’re not addressed promptly, and this almost always leads to bigger repair costs down the road. Better to call a professional right away if you suspect your unit isn’t performing ideally.

Clean Your Filters Regularly

According to professionals, neglected filters are the top cause of preventable Air Conditioning Repairs In Gilbert. Cleaning or replacing your filters is simple, inexpensive and it can save you from damaging your unit and paying hundreds of dollars in costly repairs. Filters should be rinsed or vacuumed out once a month, and you should purchase a replacement at least every few months.

Don’t Work Your AC So Hard

Giving your air conditioner a day off or running it at a higher temperature can significantly reduce the need for future repairs and will prolong the life of your system. Using ceiling fans in conjunction with your air conditioner is a great way to maximize its cooling power. With a fan running, experts estimate that you can set your AC around 7 degrees higher without noticing a significant change in temperature.

Clean Your Ducts

According to the government’s Energy Star program, ducts that are properly cleaned and insulated can save you up to 20% on your cooling costs. They can also ease the stress on your air conditioning unit, making your AC last longer and lessening the likelihood of a breakdown. Duct cleaning, sealing and insulation is relatively inexpensive and can be done by an HVAC professional.

Repair is an inevitable part of owning an air conditioning unit, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little foresight and maintenance, you can drastically reduce repair costs during the life of your air conditioner.


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