Soiled Carpets and Rugs? Hire a Carpet Cleaning Company in Carmel, IN

There are many advantages to having a carpet in the home. It is much quieter to walk on a carpeted surface than a wood floor. It is also much warmer when people get out of bed. Therefore some homeowners make the decision to have wood floors on the first floor and then carpet the second floor. Even on the first floor, homeowners may use a variety of area rugs to give their interior design a cohesive base. In an open floor plan area rugs can delineate a variety of uses. However, it is critical that rugs and carpet be kept spotless. Homeowners should hire a carpet cleaning company in Carmel IN to help them keep them clean.

It might seem tempting to them to rent equipment and do the work themselves. However, they should remember the investment that they’ve made in their rugs. Because of the expense of rugs and carpets, most come with a warranty. Improper cleaning can void that warranty. If the homeowner uses rental equipment that leaves the rug too wet, then the underside of the rug can develop mold and mildew. Some cheap equipment doesn’t completely rinse the detergent. Over exposure to these chemicals can discolor portions of the rug. A Carpet cleaning in Carmel, IN company owns high-quality equipment that will do the job properly and leave the rugs in mint condition.

The ServiceMaster Clean Company has been in business for over 50 years. It is a family-owned business that employs 40 cleaning technicians. Together they provide services to over 1,000 customers a year. That means that they have the experience to handle any stain or job. They will walk through the home with the homeowner to see the extent of the job. They will note any areas with stubborn stains that need extra attention.

One the day of the job the Carpet cleaning in Carmel, IN technicians will arrive and move the furniture from the areas to be cleaned. They’ll spot treat stubborn stains and then use their powerful extractors to pull out the grime and dry the carpet almost simultaneously. The result will be clean and fresh smelling carpet and rugs. All furniture will be put back into its original location.

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