Dependable Airport Transportation In Waikiki

by | Nov 12, 2013 | Transportation and Logistics

A trip to Hawaii is the dream of most Americans. Once you leave the main land and arrive in Hawaii, a visit to the many beautiful beaches and cultural attractions simply can not wait. Arranging your Airport Transportation in Waikiki from the moment you land, and then back again can be made both easy and enjoyable with the many services and options providing by the people at

Their Airport Transportation in Waikiki is geared to be the most comfortable ride to and from your hotel that you’ve ever experienced. Upon landing, their rapid schedule airport shuttles leave the terminals on a twenty four hour, seven day a week schedule and shuttle passengers to all Waikiki hotels. Their air conditioned and plush coach buses pick up and leave off their passengers with fewer stop and faster service all around, shortening wait times for eager tourists and locales alike.

Taking their airport shuttle only adds to the warm Hawaiian atmosphere for many families. VIP Trans employees meet their passengers with personal greetings and identification at the baggage claim area for no additional fee. They are always there with a smile and a helpful hand to assist with suitcases, packages or items on the way to your deluxe shuttle ride. Their company has been doing business this way for over thirty years, and it is only one way that they have been able to maintain their ridership and fellowship with their customers and clients.

Groups of tourist or local passengers can arrange for private van services as well. VIP Trans is known for their group rates for wedding guests, outings and business events. Their company also runs tours from Waikiki to the major attractions around the island. These include the memorable Pearl Harbor site, as well as the many other patriotic vistas commemorating the role Hawaii played in the second world war. Taking in the poignant attractions of the U.S.S. Missouri and Arizona is a must see for all members of the family to share our history and heritage. A tour of the Royal Island Circle only further enhances your incredible stay on the magnificent island of Oahu.

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