Signs Of Termites In Wellington Florida

Having a termite infestation is bad all around. Termites get into the wood and devour it from the inside, out, leaving the homeowner little indication of what is going on. This can lead to immense structural damage for a home, even loss of a home if the damage becomes too bad. Knowing what to look for is a great way to prevent damage from termites in Wellington Florida.

One of the major things that you can look for to find termites in Wellington Florida is damage to the wood. If the damage is done from the inside, out, it could be hard to know for sure if there are termites inside the wood, eating it away. If you see that some of your wood has small holes in it, or if your door and window frames are sagging, that could be a possible sign of termites. It’s always a good idea to have those things looked at by a professional termite company so that they can either rule out termites or wipe them out.

Another sign of termites in Wellington Florida is piles of droppings or wings. As termites swarm, they lose their wings. If you see a pile of wings, that could mean that termites have swarmed in that area and have started a new colony there. Also, they drop fecal pellets from their nest, so if you find a pile of fecal droppings, that could very well mean that there is a nest above the pile. Termite fecal droppings look like hexagonal, granulated sawdust. When you confirm that there is a termite infestation by the droppings, you will also know where to go to take care of the problem because the pile is also evidence of where the nest is.

Swarming termites around windows and lights in the spring and fall is another sign that there are termites. Termites swarm when they start a new colony, so if you see swarming termites, you might want to contact a termite control company right away before they can settle into their new colony and do a lot of damage.

As you look for these signs to determine if you have termites in Wellington Florida, keep in mind that termites can do an awful lot of damage. If you are uncertain if there really is an infestation, it might be better to contact a termite control company to be safe, rather than sorry.

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