What Is Mastering Engineering in Culver City?

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Arts and Entertainment

If a recording artist hopes their songs will be played on the radio, it’s important their demo mix is mastered well. Mastering engineering in Culver City is often mistaken as the process of simply making music louder. In fact, this is usually just a result of a good mastering job. This process involves making the best out of the true audio quality of a song. Read below to find out more information about mastering engineering in Culver City.

The Mastering Engineering Process

An experienced mastering engineering professional carefully applies equalization, reverberation and compression to enhance audio quality of your songs. In addition, the process involves boosting and lowering various ranges of your audio map. Also, the engineer adds atmosphere and provides unity to your track. Finally, they construct an image for the entire record, which they then send off for CD production.

CD Mastering

Engineers collaborate with artists to decide what order the songs play on the CD. Then, they equalize the volume of different instruments in each song. CD mastering engineers also add more substance and clarity to the songs’ instruments. The mastering engineer clarifies and defines the various instruments. The engineer also ensures the volume levels across the songs are similar. This makes the CD sound more cohesive and leaves room for dynamics. Finally, they adjust the songs’ intros and endings, choosing the timing between songs and adding crossfades or other special effects.

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