Shadow Boxing your Medals and Trinkets

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Shadow boxes are popular way of encasing your memorabilia, treasured items or medals, among other items. A shadow box is a type wall cabinet that encloses your objects behind a glass front, presenting them in a professional and artistic way. The way the objects are grouped can make a huge impact on the way the box looks and many times a professional shadow box maker will put your objects inside to get the best benefit from them.

Shadow boxes started out as a military item whereby sailors would carry their belongings around. Legend has it that if a sailor’s shadow were to touch the ground before his feet set down on it he could suffer bad luck. However, by putting a metaphorical ‘shadow’ of himself into the box he would ward off the bad luck because it would touch the floor before his feet did.

Typically, it was the military that would present their retiring members with these boxes containing their various awards and medals. Generally the box would also contain the military service medals, the flag for their country and their rank badge. There are many companies in the United States that specialize in the construction of shadow boxes, which are usually made from wood and have a wooden and glass front with a hinge and a lock or clasp. The crafted boxes are hand made by many woodworkers and finished with a color or stain of the buyer’s choice.

What Else Goes Inside

Nowadays, regardless of whether a person was in the military, shadow boxes can be used for any purpose to conserve items as presentation items or display items. Many people create their own shadow boxes to include items such as their children’s first teeth, first haircut, first pair of booties, first item of clothing or other trinkets. Also, people might create their own shadow boxes to contain their wedding memorabilia or other sentimental items that they can display on the walls of their homes.

The beauty of shadow boxes is that not only do people own a well-made item of crafted wood, but also an enclosed, dust-free environment for keeping their precious items in. Those who want to buy a shadow box in Suffolk County can contact their local favored framing center to ask for a quote.

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