Pet Dental Health in Clifton VA is an Important Part of Pet Care

Pet Dental Health in Clifton VA is something that some pet owners overlook. However, it should be an important part of taking care of any animal. Just like humans, pet teeth can develop cavities or incur damage that may go unnoticed. Having a pet’s teeth checked regularly can prevent periodontal disease from forming by keeping plaque, tartar, and bacteria from accumulating in a pet’s mouth. It can also bring awareness to other oral issues such as a broken or infected tooth. Crosspointe Animal Hospital can perform a comprehensive dental evaluation to ensure that a pet’s oral health is in good order.

Pet Oral Care

A pet’s teeth and gums should be examined periodically to check for any abnormalities that need to be addressed. If tartar or plaque has built up on the teeth, it should be removed promptly. This may require the pet be anesthetized for the buildup to be professionally removed. One way a pet owner can reduce the amount of plaque that accumulates on a pet’s teeth is to brush or wipe the teeth daily or give them dental treats designed to loosen and remove plaque as the pet chews.

Periodontal Disease

When food and bacteria build up along a pet’s gum line, it can turn into plaque and cause irritation. Periodontal disease is the destruction of gum tissue and bone around the teeth that occurs when excess plaque turns into tartar and spreads beneath the gum-line. When periodontal disease is severe, a pet may need to have one or more teeth extracted as a result of the damage.

Pet Oral Exam

During an oral exam, a veterinarian will look for signs of tooth decay, plaque buildup, excess tartar, and gum issues. X-rays may be taken to look more closely at the teeth and gums, especially if signs of periodontal disease are present. If any issues are noted, a treatment plan will be implemented to correct what’s wrong.

Staying on top of Pet Dental Health in Clifton VA can provide a pet with better overall health. Oral problems that aren’t attended to can be quite painful for an animal and may turn into more serious problems. Yearly dental exams are highly recommended for all pets. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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