Online Dating – Tips for safe online dating

by | Apr 4, 2012 | Dating

Online dating is very popular these days. People find it interesting to interact with people over the internet and know them before actually meeting them in person. Online dating service has many advantages, but it has also been misused greatly. Online singles dating is fun. You can sit comfortably in your home and chat with an unknown person and get to know him/her. It’s great if done properly but you must be careful. Careful of the person you are dating with, because you hardly know him/her.

Here are some important tips that you can keep in mind to enjoy all the fun of online dating services without falling into any kind of trouble.

Be slow in your approach:

If you are a new member in an online dating website, then start slowly. Watch out for someone who seems sincere and true. You can go through the various profiles provided in the dating site and know more about the person you are about to interact with. You can begin communication through e-mails. Before e-mailing any person, ensure that you are comfortable with the personal ads or online dating profile of the person. When you get e-mails from the other person, read it carefully, to ensure that there is nothing that makes you uncomfortable. If you feel uncomfortable then stop your communications with that person.

Do not give personal details:

It is very important for singles dating online, to guard their personal details. Never give out information like your full name, phone number, your real email address etc. It is advisable that you create a new e-mail id just for dating purpose. While communicating by e-mails, be careful about your signatures because they contain your personal details. Take your time and know the person as well as you can, before you give him/her even the slightest information about you that is personal.

Apply your common sense:

Always think logically. Never trust anyone during the initial stages of online dating. You must ask various questions and cross question the person before you come to a conclusion that he or she is trustworthy. If you think someone is lying, just stop communicating with that person.

As for a photograph:

After knowing a person for sometime, ask for a photograph. They say ‘face is the reflection of the heart’. A photo will give you a good idea about a person’s nature. However, remember never to trust a person just with a picture, as it may be fake.

Have fun while dating online, but stay safe. If you too want to be one of those people, who say that they met their soul mate or true friend on the web, then take these tips to heart.

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