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by | Apr 4, 2012 | Dating

 While dating online, it’s your profile that represents you. Your online dating or friendship profile headline is your chance to describe yourself. It has to be an ‘attention stealer’ otherwise people will just pass over your profile. If your entry profile is interesting and witty, then there are high chances of singles looking for friends, dating personals hit at you.

Here are some important tips that you can use, while creating an online profile in a dating website. Keeping these tips in mind will let you enjoy online dating service to the fullest.

Keep it short and simple:

No body has time to read the lengthy headline of a dating profile. It will never catch attention. People will skip your profile on seeing a long headline. Keep your profile short and simple, to fully utilize the online dating service. The best headlines are the short ones, just about 3 – 6 words long. They convey a smart message that others can quickly understand.

Be creative in your approach:

Everyone in this world loves people who are creative and have thoughts that are original. Imitating others may not leave a long lasting effect. Being innovative will help you in gaining lots of friends. Describe yourself in a way that really catches the attention of others.

Be what you are:

While telling people about ‘yourself’, say what you are. Be true and do not imitate anybody. Write about your own interests, hobbies, like and dislikes. Sound true. Don’t write too highly of yourself. Don’t sound too boastful. For singles dating online for romance or friendship, be honest while describing yourself.

Be straight forward and clear:

Everyone loves a person who is straight forward and clear. Design your profile in a manner that people can see through it. It should give them an impression that you are a sincere and simple person. People like a clear minded fool, more than a complex and clever person. Clear minded people are easy to understand and handle.

Be positive in your approach:

Remember to always give out a positive vibe. This will pay you good returns. If you are a positive-minded person, then you will surely attract others to your side. Positive words and phrases enhance the fun of singles dating. So remember never to use negative or pessimistic words like “Lonely” or “Discouraged” in your profile.

Update your profile:

Always keep your profile fresh. If your present profile is not grabbing attention, then it will be a good idea to update your headline every once in a while. This will also show people that you are a regular visitor to the site. By updating profiles, you can appeal to a larger mass of people.

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