Obtaining Higher Education in the Congo Region

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There are a number of different universities that cater to residents of the Congo region in Africa. Although Africa is not considered to have a wealthy overall economy, there are opportunities for people who wish to attend a college or university. The three main types of universities available are publicly funded universities, publicly funded specialized colleges, and privately funded and accredited colleges or universities. Kinshasa is the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the area boasts over seven institutions for higher education, with three of them being major universities. Universite Kinshasa is just one school that residents could consider after meeting lower educational requirements.

Going to School in the Congo

It takes 12 years to complete compulsory education in the Congo region of Africa. Children begin school around the age of 6 and leave compulsory education around the age of 12. Once a student reaches the age of 12, he or she can take a general or technical track during high school. The technical track takes longer but makes a student eligible for admission to a college or university upon graduation. Schools like the Universite Kinshasa at Biz Congo and other local schools will review a student’s secondary school records to determine admission into the university.

Fields of Study at Colleges and Universities

There are many medical facilities and major hospitals in the Congo, and the local government hopes that students will attempt to major in the field of medicine in order to staff the facilities with educated local doctors. The Universite Kinshasa at Biz Congo offers students the opportunities to study in the fields of physical medicine, biological medicine, dentistry, and pharmaceutical studies. Students who graduate from a medical program will have plenty of career opportunities and the financial support to thrive in the growing area of Kinshasa.

Students who don’t want to partake of a medical education can also find courses in the arts, psychology, science fields like biology and physics, economics, agriculture, engineering, and law. There is also a school dedicated to the performing arts that helps students gain an education in the fields of music, performance, and dance. Although much of the Congo region is rural, Kinshasa is a growing area with a large population. For this reason, there are many opportunities for residents to attend an institution for higher learning and earn a degree that will provide a livable income and long standing career.

To find out how to contact Universite Kinshasa, visit bizcongo.cd.

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