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by | Jan 29, 2014 | Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are used to ensure a person shows up for their court date. Bail bonds are used to help get a defendant released from custody while they await trial. It is common for defendants to not have the money to make bail, so bail bond companies step in and provide the necessary paperwork for release. When a defendant jumps bail, the bail bonds company is responsible for the amount of money due to the court and a warrant is issued for their arrest. Otherwise the defendant is responsible for the costs. Bail Bonds in Warren, Michigan services can help you when you have been taken into custody.

Whether you are innocent or guilty, you will need a bond for your release so you do not have to wait in a jail cell for your hearing. It is advisable to choose a bail bonds service that is reliable and will not let you down. When you find yourself in need of bail from a bail bonds company, you are in a stressed and confused state of mind. The people you choose to make bail for you should try to help ease your mind and work with you, not cost you more money or make you put up more assets than necessary.

A bail bonds agent is often allowed to arrest and bring back the defendant if they jump bail by failing to appear at their hearing. They often use bounty hunters to track and bring in people who have failed to appear after they put up the bail for them. The charge for failing to appear will be added to the individual’s initial charges and will affect the end result of their sentencing or other punishment.

Most people think bail bonds companies only deal in bail bonds, but there are other types of bonds they can also issue. Other bonds include permit bonds, license bonds, maintenance bonds, car dealer bonds, bid bonds, appeal bonds, and other types of bonds that help add to the credibility of a person or a business. The Goldfarb Bonding Agency is a Bail Bonds Warren, Michigan service that has built a reputation for providing all kinds of bonding in the community.

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