Learn About Lap Band Surgery in Texarkana, TX

Being overweight or obese can be very unhealthy. Not everyone who has put on weight or grew up with weight issues are doing so on purpose or due to an irresponsible lifestyle. Many people have no choice because of the way their body and genetics are wired. They could lose weight but would gain it back even if they exercised because they don’t feel full and have an insatiable urge to eat more food (because their body thinks they are deficient in nutrients, they eat more food but get no more nutrition, causing weight gain for some. One way to get the weight under control (very overweight or obese not just wanting to lose a few pounds) when it’s to the point where surgery seems like the only option left, is to get Lap Band Surgery in Texarkana, TX.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

One FDA approved method of extreme weight loss is called Lap Band Surgery or “gastric bypass”. This surgery could result in you getting your life back on track and your health under control when used in connection with eating right, trying to exercise, and keeping the weight off. Lap Band Surgery helps you curb your hunger resulting in weight loss (due to less calories entering the body). Once the fat is gone, there are ways to maintain this with minimal discomfort or “shock” by changing your lifestyle to support a healthy eating regimen (which your Lap Band doctor will clue you in on) and trying to live a semi-active lifestyle (exercise).

They found it to be safe and effective based on several long term studies done. Many who get this surgery experience roughly 55% of excess weight loss, but every patient is different. The doctor will tailor the surgery and diet to each patient’s body and health needs and will explain everything you need to know long enough before scheduling the surgery so you can think about this decision. It’s completely reversible as well!

How Does This Surgery Work?

Lap Band Surgery in Texarkana, TX is minimally invasive by design. They put a silicon band around the upper stomach region to lower its capacity limit. In essence this creates a virtual double stomach to limit the amount of food the stomach can store at any given time. This makes you full faster and thus you eat less and start losing weight as your body starts to do its job burning fat. Visit Freedomfromobesity.net for more information.


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