Trusting Your Plumber For That Slab Leak In Palm Springs, CA

by | Nov 7, 2013 | Plumbing

Certain plumbing repairs can not wait. They must be fixed as soon as possible before they do further damage to your entire system. If you have a Slab Leak in Palm Springs, CA you should make sure your call an experienced and trusted plumbing company to do the job. A leak like this can eventually cause water damage to the foundation of your home. In addition, a Slab Leak in Palm Springs, CA will run up your water bills due to the spillage from these leaks.

When you consult a plumbing company for that Slab Leak in Palm Springs, CA, this professional will ascertain exactly what kind of leak is affecting your foundation. A waterline slab leak is considered easier and generally less expensive to fix. A higher than usual water bill, wet floors or carpets and wet baseboards are a sigh of possible a possible Slab Leak Palm Springs CA.

The repair of these slab leaks can take several forms. One method of to establish direct access to the leak with a hole drilled above the leak and then the worn pipes replaced as needed. Another repair method is to simply run an entirely new system of pipes through the infrastructure of your home and connect to handle the plumbing. When the leak is on the outside of your building’s structure, leakage can be sealed when pipes are cleaned and then coated with an epoxy. This acts as a sealant for leaks and prevents further leaks from forming.

Suffice to say that none of these solutions to slab leaks are right for the homeowner to attempt on their own. You would be wise to contact an established plumbing company to find your leaks, categorize them and then repair them accordingly. An experienced plumbing company will come out to your premises and examine all possible pipes and leaks. They then may give you an upfront estimate of repair costs for both labor and supplies. You will know you have found the right plumbing organization when they take a look at the problem and provide service with care and concern.


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