Key Indicators You Need Sump Pump Service In Asheville, NC

Many homes and businesses throughout the Asheville, NC, area have sump pumps in the basement or in a crawl space under the home. These pumps are designed to remove excess water to prevent flooding in the basement in times of heavy rain or storms.

The Use of a Sump Pump

The sump pump is mounted over or in a sump basin, which allows the water to collect in one place. Once the level of water in the sump basin reaches a specific height, the pump engages. This pulls the water out of the basin, through the system pipes, and typically out of the house into the storm drain or a specific dry well outside and away from the Asheville, NC, home.

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for regular sump pump service. It is also essential to call in a plumber to check the pump if you notice any of the following issues.

Strange Sounds

Depending on the age and type of sump pump, it should be a relatively quiet system. You will hear it cycle on and off as needed, but there should be no loud bangs, rattles, or squealing or squeaking noises. These noises may just mean you need routine Sump Pump Service In Asheville, NC, or it may indicate a worn or failed part in the pump.

Fails to Turn On

If the sump basin fills and the pump does not turn on, call for sump pump plumbing services. These professions can check the pump, settings, and system to ensure it is operating.

Pump Keeps Running

It is essential to call for sump pump service if the basin is empty and the pump keeps running. This will cause the pump to fail, requiring a complete replacement rather than just a repair.

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