What to Include on a Priority List While Looking for Campus Area Housing

by | Oct 21, 2021 | Student Housing Center

Take time to think about what you really want in housing while going to university classes. This will help you to know what your priorities truly are as you visit campus area housing UW Madison.

Location will likely be high on your priority list. You don’t want to waste time commuting. You want to be able to sleep in as late as possible and have as much time as possible for studying, resting, and engaging in activities you enjoy. Also, you want to spend as little time in the cold as possible on a commute during the winter months. Finding a place that is just a block or two away from campus is ideal.

Your budget is another thing that is likely high on the priority list. However, you want to do more than consider just the monthly cost. Think about what you are truly getting. For example, you may find a cheap apartment that is far away from the university and has little to no amenities. However, you could pay a little more for campus area housing UW Madison that will allow you to be close to the university and will offer amenities like a gym and in-unit laundry. These things will save you money and make your life more convenient.

Finding a place with a coffee bar is essential for those who can’t live without their daily caffeine fix.

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