Helpful Storage Tips to Maximize the Use of Your Self Storage Space

If you need to store items from your home or business in a separate storage unit, you need to consider some helpful Storage Tips. These tips will help you better organize your storage space help maximize every inch of your storage unit.

The first thing to remember is to ensure that you put the items that you access frequently towards the front of the storage facility. If you don’t put them at the front, it at least have them in a place that is easily accessible.

You’ll also want to think vertically. Stacking high allows you to get more items in than simply spreading your items throughout the storage facility. This is extremely important because many storage facilities have higher ceiling clearances even if they are limited on floor space and this can help you to get more items into the storage unit.

If you’re storing furniture, the best thing that you can do is to cover that furniture in order to protect it. Whether its wood, metal or if it’s upholstered furniture, covering it will not only protect it from scratches but it will also protect it from the dust and dirt that can accumulate over a period of time in self-storage units.

If you’re boxing up items, make sure that you use sturdy boxes. One of the best ways to get the most usage out of your storage space is to stack your boxes. If you have flimsy boxes that you begin to stack, the weight of the boxes that are stacked on each other can cause the boxes to collapse and can cause damage or breakage of the items you put in the boxes.

Lastly, one of the most important Storage Tips is to label your boxes. This can help when you’re trying to access your boxes at your storage facility or if you move the boxes from your storage facility to your home or place of business. Quite simply, labeling your boxes helps you to know what’s in them and helps make the unpacking process a great deal easier.

If you’re renting a storage unit at a place like St. Anne’s Self Storage, you want to make the most use of the space you have. By using these and other effective storage tips, you’ll be able to maximize your storage space and ensure that everything is as organized as possible.

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