What to Consider When Renting a Dumpster in Hartford CT

by | Dec 12, 2013 | Recycling

A dumpster can also be referred to as a garbage bin and it is commonly used at home, in offices, schools and even in the industrial areas to store trash for a certain period before the truck which collects them comes by. This truck collects garbage typically twice in a week, depending on the arrangement between the company responsible and the client. Besides storing non-recyclable materials, a dumpster is also used for storing recyclable materials.

A dumpster can either be purchased or rented. Many homeowners prefer renting over purchasing due to the more benefits associated with such a service. There are factors to consider before going ahead to place an order for a Dumpster Hartford CT area.

The size should be the first consideration to make based on where the garbage bin will be located to be able to effectively store the waste for the period specified before collection. There are five sizes available for a rental dumpster. The dimension of the garbage bin is determined by the container cubic yard, and it can be 10 cubic yards, 15 cubic yards, 20 cubic yards, 30 cubic yards or 40 cubic yards.

Weight Limit
There is a weight limit specified for every garbage bin and every trash stored in it is weighed. The rental agreement gives a specific charge for the weight required and if exceeded the owner has to incur extra costs. It is important to inquire the weight limit from the rental company before hiring these services.

Rental Period
Hiring dumpster service providers give a period that the homeowner should retain the dumpster. If he decided to extend the period then he is required to pay extra for extension which can be charged on a daily basis.

The Cost
Rental services can be tricky if proper care is not taken to get an understanding of the overall cost of the service. Some additional charges may be quoted for delivering and even some addition of a daily rental charge on top of the amount initially quoted. The tax may not also be included in the charges, meaning the homeowner has to pay aside.

A rented Dumpster Hartford CT area can be used for varied projects. Calamari Recycling Co., Inc. offers quality services by providing products, which go beyond the expectations of their clients. Apart from rental services, they also handle scrap materials using advanced processing equipment.

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