Get Pumped Up: Facts About Fuel Pumps

The fuel pump on your vehicle is essential if your vehicle has an internal combustion engine. Your fuel pump is the mechanism that actually delivers fuel to your injectors or carburetor, depending on the age of your vehicle. The pumping is usually powered by electricity, or if you have a carburetor the pump is mechanical. Here are just a few facts and tips about keeping your fuel pump in working order.


Being sure that your fuel pump performs properly is essential to the optimum running of your vehicle. Maintaining your pump improves things including gas mileage and power, while also helping to extend the life of the engine. The easiest way to keep your pump maintained is to make sure that your tank is always near full. The fuel in the tank acts a type of lubrication for your pump, therefore the lower your tank gets the drier your fuel pump will become. This frequent drying will damage your fuel pump over time by damaging seals and gaskets that are inside the pump.

Another way to maintain your pump is by using fuel tank cleaners to clean sediment that builds up in the tank. This sediment can clog and damage your fuel pump over time leading to costly repairs. You will have to seek the assistance of someone who sells Auto Parts Oklahoma City to replace your fuel pump if this damage occurs.


There are many car owners that choose to upgrade their pumps to performance grade versions due to the horsepower that they add. These performance pumps can usually be found at stores that sell Auto Parts in Oklahoma City. The concept behind these types of pumps is that the more fuel you pump, subsequently the more power you can produce. Generally, highly tuned motors will need a precise air and fuel mixture to perform as intended.

Choosing the Right Pump

Usually for bigger vehicles such as SUVs or minivans, you will only require a basic fuel pump to maintain comfortable driving conditions. The performance grade pump is generally used to higher end sports cars or modified hot rods. You should choose the pump that the manufacturer recommends for your vehicle to ensure it operates as intended. For older model vehicles you can even check with Al’s Auto Salvage to find a good used pump if you are trying to save money on the repair.

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