Ideas That May Require Professional Investigations in Orange County

by | Sep 19, 2013 | Business

Sometimes people run into problems they don’t know how to solve. Someone might suspect their spouse of infidelity but they can’t prove it. Another person might have had their identity stolen, and their credit ruined, but they have no idea who could have done it. These types of cases, as well as many others, are the types of cases Pagones-O’Neill Investigations is able to solve. The following will give you some ideas on how many ways an investigator would be able to help you.

It’s the job of the investigator to help you out anyway they can. Many investigators deal with some very difficult cases. For instance, there are many estranged husbands and wives that are currently going through child custody wars. These wars can get very ugly. If you feel that your estranged spouse isn’t fit to have custody of your child, an investigator can help you prove it. Investigators will pay very close attention to the way your spouse carries themselves as a parent. They’ll take photos and even videos of actions they deem as irresponsible parenting. This isn’t something that comes in handy with only bitter couples as some might think. Many investigators have worked hard to rescue children from parents who are an outright danger to the child.

Companies also hire investigators. When it comes to personal injuries, insurance companies want to make sure those who file claims are telling the truth about their injuries. Many people attempt to defraud insurance companies in order to get money. An insurance company may hire a professional for Investigations in Orange County, in order to obtain evidence of fraudulent behavior. In the past, investigators have caught criminals red-handed faking injuries that never existed. This information saves the insurance company money, and can also be used to file charges against the fraudulent criminal.

These are just a couple ways that investigators can help people just like you. Investigators are very active in cases involving divorce and family. In addition to insurance companies, there are many other companies that regularly use investigators to protect their business. If you have a problem similar to the ones previously mentioned, don’t be afraid to call an investigator for help.

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