Choosing Prearranged Cremations in Philadelphia

by | Sep 12, 2013 | Cremation

Handling the funeral arrangements for a parent or another beloved person in your life is a privilege. Planning an honorable funeral that is dignified and full of grace is one that the Harold B.Mulligan Funeral Home Inc. and its directors will help you with.

They have been assisting others for years and they will plan a tribute for your loved one that will always be remembered. A funeral helps those left behind get through the grieving period. When it is finished and you think of all the people who came or called or sent food and flowers, the good memories will eventually out shadow, or at least help you deal with your loss, if you give it some time.

There are people who want to pre-plan their own funeral and take that burden off the shoulders of a loved one. There is an online form that you just follow through, all the way to the end, click “print” a copy for yourself and click the “submit” button to send a copy of the form to the funeral home. As you go through the form you’ll see that it’s almost impossible to leave out any information about your life. From the moment of birth, employment, marriage, children, places you’ve lived, parents, military service, education, accreditation you’ve received and so much more, are all on the form.

As you pre-plan your funeral for one of the prearranged cremations in Philadelphia, when you are just about at the end of the form, it will ask you how you want buried, in a ground plot, cremation and placed in a niche along with other choices? This is where you click that you want to be cremated. You can make your own decisions about everything including the music you would like to be played. This is your funeral. Your loved ones will feel good knowing you planned it yourself and will feel you in the music and realize how much you loved them in doing the planning yourself.

You can also decide how you want to pay for everything. You can pay monthly, pay it off all at once or not pay at all if you have an insurance policy to pay for the funeral and burial. Talk to your insurance company about making the funeral home one of your beneficiaries specifically for the amount of your funeral costs.

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