Benefits of Having Professional Teeth Whitening in Louisville, KY

by | Dec 5, 2013 | Dentist

Teeth whitening can be one of the best ways a person can enhance not only their smile but their looks in general. Many times a person may find that their teeth have become unsightly due to stains and other discolorations from the foods they eat or drink. In addition, people who smoke or even take certain types of medications may find that their teeth are not as bright as they use to be. Fortunately, a dentist who handles teeth whitening in Louisville, KY can help in correcting this.

Professionally cleaning the teeth is generally one of the first steps that a dentist will want to do for a patient with problems with the appearance of their teeth. The dentist or a dental hygienist in the office will often spend a good amount of time cleaning the teeth to rid them of any buildup of plaque and/or tartar. This helps in making the teeth look better and it gives a teeth whitening dentist at Springhurst Dentistry a good foundation to begin their teeth whitening process.

The dentist will need to create a custom fitted dental plate for the patient’s teeth. This tray will wrap around the teeth and hold the whitening product close to the surface of the teeth. By having a custom fitted tray, it will offer a more secure fit and make sure that all the teeth are covered well.

After the tray is ready, it will be filled with the whitening product and fitted into the patient’s mouth. Most offices that offer Teeth Whitening in Louisville, KY will have either a laser light or heat lamp that can be applied to the gel to enhance its activation. This can be important because the sooner the product is activated the sooner it will begin to work its way into the pores of the teeth where it can break up the stains and discolorations. Once these elements are broken apart, more light can come into the tooth. This will make it whiter and brighter as well.

Most whitening treatments are completed in a relatively short amount of time. Once the treatment is completed, a patient will normally begin to see result immediately. Sometimes the patient will need to schedule subsequent visits for more treatments, but this will depend on the condition of their teeth and the dentist’s recommendations.


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