Add Value With Wood Fireplaces in Dublin, OH

by | Dec 5, 2013 | Home Improvement

Not only do custom fireplaces add value to a home, they simply make any home more comfortable. The gentle crackle of a genuine wood fireplace is especially nice on those cold winter nights when nothing else seems to take the chill out of the air.

There are many options to consider when thinking about installing a fireplace. Wood Fireplaces in Dublin, OH are offered by a variety of contractors, but for the best options, consider a fireplace specialist. Companies like Custom Home and Hearth ( provide a wide variety of choices whether installing a new fireplace or upgrading an older one. Quality companies do not cut corners, selling only the best equipment and using only qualified installers.

If the best option for a specific home is not a fireplace, there are also other choices available. Wood burning or gas stoves are also readily available if those are the best solution for a home’s needs. Wood or gas stoves are commonly used to supplement other, more expensive, heating options. Even though a wood burning or gas device may be installed as a cost saving option, they still provide an ambiance that adds to the over-all comfort of a home.

If a gas fireplace is selected, the top installers can also suggest the best products to fit any home’s unique requirements. Radiant gas logs can look like a wood burning fireplace without the cleaning required when using real wood. The fireplace is still a heat source, and the real wood look can easily fool casual observers. Over-all heating costs can still be reduced for many homeowners. Top companies offer products by top gas fireplace suppliers like Regency Fireplaces, Mendota and Hargrove.

There are a handful of companies that offer high quality remodeling as well as fireplace installations. Outdoor kitchens, bathroom and kitchen remodeling as well as outdoor fireplaces are provided to improve a home’s comfort and value. Outdoor fireplaces easily extend the outdoor entertaining season, as chilly weather is held at bay by the warmth provided by an outdoor fireplace. When discussing one of the services offered by quality contractors, ask about options that are available to further improve the home.

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