A Short Guide to Understanding family law Jefferson County MO

When most people hear the phrase, “family law”, they tend to think immediately of divorce. While divorce is a big part of family law, there is much more to it than that. family law in Jefferson County MO encompasses all legal manners pertaining to a family unit. The reason so many people associate this type of law with the dissolution of marriage relationships is because the divorce rate is higher than it has been in decades past, giving this part of the field the most attention.

The truth about family law is that it is actually more about recognizing and creating legal contracts for relationships, rather than dissolving them. Marriage licenses, common law marriage, and civil unions fall under the banner of family law Jefferson County MO. Many individuals who are entering into a marriage relationship, seek out the advice and expertise of a family law attorney to help create a prenuptial agreement.

Another important role that family law fulfills is focused on the children in a family unit. Unless the case involves some type of criminal activity where the child is the victim or the perpetrator, family law courts will be where all of these decisions are made. If there are paternity disputes, these cases will be heard in family law courts. The same goes for maternity disputes. After a couple has decided to end their marriage in divorce, family law courts will help determine who gets custody of the children. This only takes place if both parents continue to fight over custody, and do not agree on an arrangement themselves. The court will then proceed through various hearings to try and determine what living situation is in the best interest of the child.

If you are considering adoption, then you will need to be involved with the family law system as well. If you are involved in any of the situations mentioned above, then you should consider hiring a family law attorney to represent your case. A professional attorney can help you put together your case, as well as giving you counsel throughout the entire process. Family law can be very complex, so it pays to have an attorney on your side.

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