Your Right to Have an Attorney Represent You in Junction City, KS, Cases

The Sixth Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees you of the right to have an attorney in Junction City, KS, represent you in court. Here is what you should know about these rights.

Detained vs Under Arrest

If you are being detained by an officer, this means that you are not under arrest. The right to an attorney does not apply until you have been arrested and charged with a crime. Once the police place you under arrest, they are required to read you’re the Miranda Rights that explain your right to counsel. At that time, you can refuse to answer any questions until an attorney is present.

Effective Counsel

The Sixth Amendment guarantees that defendants are entitled to effective attorneys in Junction City, KS, and the Supreme Court has outlined specific criteria for lawyers to meet in order to be deemed effective. Being deemed as an effective lawyer in any case is not based on whether you win or lose your case.

Cases of Perjury

Perjury is the intentional misrepresentation of evidence in a court proceeding. If you commit perjury, your attorney in Junction City, KS, may have the right to be excused from your case, and you will have to work with another lawyer.

Where to Find a Defense Lawyer in Junction City KS

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