Your Dog Will Thank You For Switching To Non Rawhide Dog Bones

There are several things that a dog would tell his or her owner if only communication between the species was possible. One thing dogs fed rawhide bones would be happy to tell their owners is that rawhide is not their favorite choice in chew bone options.

If dogs could talk, there are at least four different reasons they would thank their owners for switching from rawhide chews to non rawhide dog bones.

Better Flavor

Most rawhide has some flavoring added, which may be either artificial or natural. With non rawhide dog bones, the ingredients are all wholesome foods including real chicken, baked pork skin, peanut butter, and even milk.

The result in a dog chew that dogs really enjoy. Additionally, without the rawhide, they are 100% consumed by the dog, leaving no clean-up for the owner.

No Digestive Upset

Many dogs are sensitive or even allergic to the chemicals, flavorings, and additives found in many types of rawhide. This can lead to digestive upsets and issues with excessive flatulence, diarrhea or bloating of the abdominal area. Often these types of symptoms are assumed to be food related and are not linked to the consumption of the rawhide chew toy.

Dental Cleaning

Rawhide does provide some rubbing action on the teeth and gums, but as it quickly becomes soggy and slimy, this dental cleaning is limited. With the non rawhide dog bones, there is no slimy mess, and the bones and chews stay crunchy much longer, adding to the scraping action on the teeth and the gentle stimulation of the gums.

Chewing Satisfaction

As a great tasting, healthy option, 100% non rawhide dog bones provide great chewing satisfaction for dogs. As they are clean and mess-free to consume, they can even be enjoyed in the house with no risk of damage to floors, upholstery or dog bedding.

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