Your Divorce Lawyer in Tacoma WA Probably Wants You Off Social Media Until Your Contested Divorce Is Finished

A Divorce Lawyer in Tacoma WA has probably seen a client or two have a tough time due to social media activity. A business owner who is using social media for promotion and customer interaction isn’t going to have any problems. The people who end up with issues use social media for personal reasons.

It’s Evidence

In a contested divorce, the other side might be able to get a lot of information from social media. It’s possible to tell if a person is spending a lot of money. Through social media, a person might reveal that they engage in questionable activities. The circle of friends that a person keeps might be brought into question because of social media. A client who doesn’t get their social media activity in check can make their case hard to handle for their Divorce Lawyer in Tacoma WA.

What Should Be Done?

People make the mistake of thinking that simply limiting access to their social media accounts solves the problem. It doesn’t. A person who is going through a divorce should assume that their spouse sees all of their social media posts. Hiding behind a privacy setting isn’t enough to safeguard what a person posts. Anyone who is going through a contested divorce should take a hiatus from social media.

Other Options

Some users might just find happiness in socializing with others via the Internet. An individual who gives up their social media accounts for a while doesn’t have to become a hermit. There are plenty of forums that allow for anonymous activity. Users simply pick usernames and can use any email to sign up. Using other sites will usually be enough to help people to leave their original social media accounts alone. It’s still not advisable to post about anything that could be used in the divorce case.

Social media plays a big role in the lives of some people. Unfortunately, posts can be used as evidence in divorce cases. Someone who claims financial problems during a divorce and has multiple posts showing vacations and high-end purchases will have some explaining to do. A client should ask their lawyer how to handle social media.

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