You Own a Window Company in Nashville, TN and Are Seeking New Clients

You have a medium-sized business but you are seeking to grow it into a much larger one. You know you will have to spend some money to advertise more. That was never really part of your business plan. You got most of your clients from recommendations of past clients. Now you feel that it is the right strategy for you to expand your business by getting new clients.

You have analyzed where you stand in the local market and you believe that you need to reach out further to get new clients and expand your business and even your service area. You talk to your banker about getting their business specialist to sit down with you and help you strategize what is in your budget and how to reach more potential customers.

The bank’s business advisor suggests a few things to you. One is just too expensive for your taste. He has suggested that you create a television ad and run it on a local channel in Nashville. You decide to reject that concept. The other idea seems less expensive and one that you believe might make it into the homes of potential customers.

You decide to try a campaign of direct mail advertising in Nashville, TN. When you get mail directly from businesses and it comes into your home through the US Postal Service, you at least glance at it to see if you might need that particular service. You believe that it just might get people to see your company’s name and your pitch for business.

A company that does direct mail advertising in Nashville, TN has been recommended to you. You decide to reach out to DNI Corp to get a bid from them for your project. You visit their website at

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