Working With Aluminum 6061 and Its Applications

As a general purpose aluminum alloy, 6061 aluminum is ideal for a wide array of applications. This alloy has silicon and magnesium as its alloying elements, giving it certain highly beneficial properties and enhanced performance characteristics.

Beneficial Characteristics of 6061 Aluminum
Compared to some other heat treated aluminums, 6061 offers exceptional corrosion resistance. It does possess a lower strength than some other aluminum alloys but also possesses various mechanical properties that give it a distinct advantage – it is easily welded and formed, making it highly useful for various structural applications. It is also easy to machine into components that do not need high strength materials.

This type of aluminum alloy accepts anodizing and other coatings very readily and also possesses superb connection characteristics. An experienced aluminum supply company can provide 6061 aluminum alloy precision plate with a satin brushed coating finish that provides durability and enables easy anodizing and workability. When compared to casted products, this wrought product possesses better physical and mechanical properties. Aluminum 6061-T651 is available in thicker tolerances and enhanced flatness than other alloys.

Aluminum 6061 can be cold worked without hassle and also easily formed in its annealed state. Processes that include bending, stamping, and tapping can be fulfilled through the use of typical operational methods, making 6061 a material that is easy to work with and versatile.

6061 Aluminum Plate Applications
Aluminum 6061 alloy is used for various components and parts on a routine basis. These components include base plates, fixtures, machine parts, frames, brackets, jigs, in addition to valve parts and bodies. In addition, 6061 aluminum may be used on marine hardware and fittings, structural and truck parts and components.

Although it possesses excellent weldability, and is used extensively as a result, 6061 aluminum has also developed a niche market in the automotive aircraft industries. Some companies utilize 6061 for the manufacturer parts in bicycles, yachts, electrical fittings, motorcycles, and more. Other products such as food containers and four wrappers also make use of this aluminum alloy. It is also used in various types of heavy duty structures due to its exceptional corrosion resistance and strength-to- weight ratio.

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