Will you need to store your household effects?

There are many reasons why it may become necessary to put your furniture and other household goods in storage at one of the moving companies on Long Island NY. Often the issue is timing, your new home is not ready yet for you to move in and in other cases you are moving from a large home into a smaller one, perhaps the “empty nest” time has come. There are other times when you inherit items which you really don’t want but you know your child, who is getting married soon, would love to have them. Whatever the reason, you should know a few things about furniture storage.

Moving companies on Long Island NY normally have storage facilities that they can use, and of course because they control the facility, they can store your goods for any length of time needed. You may find that using the storage services of your moving company may cost a little more than independent storage but it is worth the extra cost when you take into account the convenience of one company; moving from your old house to storage and then eventually from storage to your new house. All the responsibility is in the hands of one company. A little hint; make sure the company will allow you to have access to your goods while they are in storage, you may need something urgently.

How much storage is enough?

The amount of storage that is enough is the minimum you can get away with. Before any move, regardless of whether the goods are going into storage or not, ask yourself:

  • Do I need everything in this house?

  • Would I miss things if I threw them out?

  • When did I use this thing last?

  • Do I have any sentimental attachment to this thing?

If the answers to these questions are a resounding “no” then you are heading in the right direction. Arrange a garage sale or give your unwanted items to your favorite charity.

There may be one issue that needs to be faced, what is it that you are going to store? If the goods are no more than typical furniture, appliances and other common household goods then moving companies on Long Island NY are a great choice. However, if you have to store your wine collection for example, you may need special climate controlled storage for this.

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