Wichita Kansas Professionals Effectively Eradicate Brown Recluse Spider Infestations

There are over 40,000 different types of spiders living on every continent other than Antarctica. This means humans have to deal with spiders on a regular basis. Although most spiders are not dangerous, there are a few that can cause humans to become critically ill and even cause death. One spider that can harm humans is the brown recluse spider. These spiders are typically light to medium brown in color and are often called the violin spider due to their irregular shape found on their thorax region. They usually measure between 6mm – 11mm once they reach the adult stage.

No one likes a spider in or around their home, but a brown recluse can be especially problematic. They dwell around dark, sheltered places and may be found in the home, barns, or basements. Brown recluse do not build their webs at higher elevations but instead tend to build them close to the ground. This is because they do not wait for their prey to happen upon their web. They are hunters and actually go out to locate their prey. They are usually found in the south central portions of the United States but have been located in rare cases across the United States. One female brown recluse can lay up to 300 eggs in her lifetime. This is why when you spot Brown recluse spiders in Wichita Kansas professionals should be notified immediately. A professional exterminator can treat a home, basement or barn with chemicals that will kill the spider. Store bought chemicals are ineffective and studies have shown that these chemicals can actually make the spider more aggressive.

Homeowners should call an expert as soon as they spot a brown recluse spider. Typically, if they have been seen, there is already and infestation of the spider. When it comes to Brown recluse spiders Wichita Kansas exterminators can eradicate the pests and ensure the home is safe for family and pets. Professionals will also locate areas of concern for homeowners that may allow the spiders to enter the home. The exterminators will seal off problem areas to hopefully keep these unwelcome guests outside. It is important to remember these spiders only bite when provoked. This means checking your items before using them if they have been stored in dark, dry areas. Always shake shoes, gloves and other items before using them and call a professional at the first site to treat the home effectively.

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