Why You Should Serve Jarritos in Your Restaurant

If you own a Mexican or Hispanic themed restaurant and you are not selling Jarritos, what are you waiting for? Jarritos is definitely one of the most popular drinks in Mexico and can give your restaurant a very authentic feel. Jarritos was the first national soft drink in the country of Mexico and is very popular among those who love authentic Mexican cuisine. If you really want to bring a real touch of Mexico to your restaurant, you should contact some Jarritos distributors in your area.

Information about Jarritos
Jarritos is a soft drink that is available in 14 different tropical flavors including tamarind, guava, pineapple and mango. Served in a 13.5 ounces bottle, customers often seek this soda out when looking for a Mexican or Hispanic restaurant. Jarritos is more carbonated than typical sodas in the United States and are flavored with all natural fruit which make them taste amazing. Kids will love being able to order this fun and unique drink and adults will enjoy the novelty of getting an authentic soda with their meal. You can have better sales and more people coming to your restaurant, simply because you carry Jarritos.

Finding a Distributor for Jarritos
If you want to carry Jarritos in your Hispanic or Mexican restaurant, it is important to find a qualified distributer. Jarritos distributers are quite common since this is such a popular soft drink. You can start by searching for Mexican or Hispanic food distributers in your area. The internet is a great place to start. Another way that you can find good food distributers is to ask those who work in the business. For example, you may be familiar with owners of other restaurants in the area. Ask them who they use for their distribution.

If you choose to search for a food distributer online, make sure that they have a good reputation. Check out reviews from other customers and make sure they are rated highly on any review sites. You should also make sure that they have Jarritos in stock, of course.

Contacting the distributer to ask questions and talk about prices is also a necessity. You want to make sure that you will be able to make a profit on selling Jarritos and you want to make sure the price is right. If you compare your budget with the price of Jarritos at a certain distributer, make sure that buying from them makes sense financially. Selling Jarritos should be a money maker for your restaurant, not drain your resources.

By selling Jarritos at your Mexican or Hispanic restaurant, you will be able to bring even more authenticity to your business. People want the most authentic meals possible when they choose an ethnic restaurant. Bring this to your customers with Jarritos.

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