Why Upgrade Your Shop to CNC Machines?

Do you own a small to medium size machine shop in the Minneapolis area ? Maybe your business is expanding, and you wish to increase business more by adding new services. When you upgrade to CNC machinery, your shop enjoys a wide range of advantages. Here are some reasons to consider upgrading soon.

CNC Defined

CNC stands for computer numeric control. Machines use computers to guide the machining process. CNC is commonly used for boring, turning, milling, and a wide range of machining services.

Fewer Skilled Machinists Needed

In the past, it took skilled workers to mill and turn parts with precision and accuracy. However, once you install CNC equipment, you do not need skilled workers to run the machines. Training is not difficult, nor does it take long for people to learn how to program your machines. Your machine shop in Minneapolis can save a lot of money with lower-paid employees.

Cost-effective Manufacturing

Because you do not have high paid employees, it cost less to produce your parts or materials. You can pass on the lower costs to your customers. By keeping costs low, you can remain competitive and may earn new business. Some machines can perform several tasks, which can drastically reduce production times.


CNC machinery can produce high-quality, precision work. In fact, once the program is set, a CNC machine produces the same results each time. There are no variances due to worker fatigue or human error. You produce quality parts at lower costs.


On the job safety is everyone’s concern. On the job injuries can cost your shop a lot of money. Injuries cause workers to lose time, and your worker compensation insurance rates may rise. A machine shop in Minneapolis with CNC machinery is safer because workers are not engaged directly in the process of machining materials.

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