Why Texas Companies Choose Dodge Bearings

When it comes to any type of part or component for industrial and commercial equipment and systems, there is an ever-growing number of suppliers on the market. These include companies and suppliers that are located in Texas, as well as those companies located outside of the United States.
With some parts and components, choosing any supplier may be a cost-effective option, particularly when the part is not an operation-critical type of component. It may also be a good financial choice for parts that are frequently replaced and where wear and tear as a limiting factor in the performance and life cycle.

However, on essential components in any system, opting for the best quality in the part is important. This is the main reason why so many Texas manufacturing and production facilities choose Dodge bearings for their power transmission and systems.

The Gold Standard

The reputation of Dodge bearings as a gold standard in bearings for heavy duty types of applications. Not only do these bearings work in Baldor-Dodge equipment, but they are also designed to work in most types of power transmission and systems, so they can be used to replace cheaper bearings for greater performance and reliability.

Low Maintenance Bearings

There are many different styles, sizes, and options in Dodge bearings. Choosing the correct type and size of bearing will be an integral part of the life cycle and the maintenance requirements on the system.

The bearings themselves are designed to rigorous standards, with limited wear and tear when the bearings are installed correctly and sized accurately for the application. Each bearing comes with specific installation and maintenance requirements. Overall, bearings produced by Dodge tend to be low maintenance, with seals used to prevent contamination of the bearing by solid materials or moisture, which further extends the life of the bearing.

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