Why Renting a Transmission Jack Is a Much Better Idea Than Simply Buying One

If you work on cars regularly or own an auto repair store, you know the value of having a transmission jack rental in Newnan, GA, when you really need it. However, some may think why rent when you can simply buy the jack and have it always ready and at hand. Here are some facts as to why renting is better than buying in this situation.

Cash Liquidity

While transmission jacks are very useful, you may not actually frequently use one. Transmission jacks are expensive to purchase and doing so will certainly be a drain on your liquid cash. Unless you are consistently installing or removing transmissions, you may want to consider renting one when you actually need it versus having one sitting in the corner collecting dust.


When you own a transmission jack or any type of heavy tool, you are responsible for so many things. You will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of it which may be expensive, especially if the tool is no longer covered by a warranty. There is also the matter of insurance. The more things you need to insure, the higher your insurance premiums will be. When you choose transmission jack rental in Newnan, GA, the maintenance and insurance costs will all be the responsibility of the rental company. This takes a lot of responsibility off the shoulders of your company and lets you focus on the matter of day to day business.

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